Gourmet Blue-Collar Jams

Blue-Collar Jams offer you a premium gourmet product expanding on a rich niche market. With tasting opportunities offered as a compliment, our tasters find their experience enjoyable and addictive. The versatility of our jams takes them across the breakfast table, into dinner, through dessert and beyond. Offering an open forum, we make recipe requests and suggestions to encourage experimentation and put forth our invitation to...

"Get Hot and Sticky!"

We offer our hand-made, small batch creations to share with you. These award winning, spicy jams have traveled the globe tingling taste buds and warming hearts. Our original recipes have an artful balance of fruit flavor and pepper heat thanks to our homegrown, organically managed habañero peppers. Flavor choices include: Raspbañero (Raspberry), Strawbañero (Strawberry), Bluebañero (Blueberry), Orange/Pineapple Marmañero, Negrañero (Blackberry) along with various seasonal varieties. Jams come attractively packaged in a re-usable/recyclable glass jar, with a net weight of 8.5 ounces. Our products are shelf stable for up to 18 months and must be refrigerated after opening.


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1st place, 2009 Fiery Food Challenge
3rd place, 2010 Scovie awards

Sweet, tart raspberry complimented by slow habañero heat. Great with a Brie wheel, ice cream, meats, in a stir-fry sauce, or as a vinaigrette.


2nd place, 2009 Fiery Food Challenge

Chunks of fruit, intense flavor, with a quick kick of pepper and a sweet strawberry finish. Excellent companion to chocolate, venison, or red meats.


Blueberry sweetness accented by a more subtle habañero flavor and heat. Great for pancakes, cheesecake, cheese, hamburgers or as a barbeque substitute.

RaspbañeroOrange/Pineapple Marmañero

2nd place, 2010 Fiery Food Challenge

Traditional marmalade texture accompanied by pineapple, gives a sharper heat with a citrus bite. Friendly with fish, chicken, pork and chocolate.


3rd place, 2010 Fiery Food Challenge

Full, rich blackberry flavor gives earthy, floral notes, followed by a pepper tingle. Pairs well with game meats, cheese, or makes a great vinaigrette.


With a nod to our local bogs, cranberry blends with orange in a smooth, just tart enough melding. Try it over baked Brie enveloped in puff pastry or straight out of the jar as a holiday relish.








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